Thursday, November 27, 2008

Birthdays and more birthdays

We have two birthdays in the fall a one year old and a four year old this year!

School is back in session

Both kids were in school this year, well at least one full day and one pre-school. Full day is such a beautifull thing, I love this boy with all my heart and it takes all my heart to keep up with him!!!!

twilight par-tay!

my neice hosted a twilight party....she did a fabulous job with decor, theme, quizzes etc. It was sweet and I am not a twilight fanatic but it was fun.....then we headed out of course to see the midnight showing....this is what we look like at midnight, keep this in mind.

simmer down everyone....

well, it's two o'clock AM, and as usual my mind does not want to sleep. I have been reminded (over and over) lately that it has been four months since I posted......

I really like to read people's blogs.....especially when I cannot sleep.
I apparently don't really like to blog myself.

I mean really what is a blog without some fun picture to look at? Well unless you are witty and clever at writing, not much fun at all. Which brings me to a sore camera....I don't really want to talk about my camera issues but I have them.

Sooooo what have we been doing the last four months?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is how we have been feeling since we moved in.....TIRED.

projects, boxes, weddings, life etc. This is why my blog is so out of date, not to mention that my camera broke and who wants to read a blog with no pictures!

but the best part of our new house....

charlie and lola (and friends), this is what the kids have named our pet deer that visit us and lounge around the "wilderness" of our back yard. They are very used to people and just the other day I was out doing yard work and realized they were sitting in the tall grass and I hadn't even seen them a few feet away.

we are in....finally!

yes, we did move in a little while ago, here are a few pics for those of you who live in far off lands and can't come over....if you live nearby and haven't been over then invite yourself, cause if I wait until I "feel" ready to have people over then you will see my house when I am selling it in 20 years!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This is the answer!

I have been pondering and discussing where exactly to put everything in my new house.....specifically the toy area.

I decided I have three main areas that I spend my day...the kitchen, the laundry and the computer :).

Therefore it poses a problem in this new house because the kitchen is downstairs, the laundry upstairs and the computer could be either depending. So of course I want the toy area to be close by so the kids will actually USE it.

Maybe this is my answer.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


this kid makes me smile.

SO CLOSE....and yet so far away.

Well, i suppose it is always the same story but our new house is like DONE. However of course the official date they are giving us to move in is not until June 3rd.....two months away still!

thought i would post some pics of what it looked like today when i took a little hike over to see exactly how easy it was to get to from my old neighborhood.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

i am a "blogger" (dun, dun, dun)

I have given in to the peer me.

damon tried to start up a blog for me after miles was born but just like any other thing in my life, i don't really like to pick up where someone else left in order for me to blog as so many have bugged me about, i had to make my own.

here you go melissa (yes, dillon).

the goose has died

no, i am not talking about eli's favorite cosby show episode where vanessa is learning to play the clarinet....

i am talking about the blue goose boutique. It is over, said and done. It was fun/a lot of work/tiring/cool etc. If you missed it, you should be sorry, it had a lot of fun stuff to buy and cool people involved. my personal favorite part was working on my display, this is always the funnest for me and what i miss about working in the creative fields i have been in. Here is the site so you can come next time!

i don't need no "twilight"

that is right....i have my own vampire, i don't need those darn books!

poor little miles is teething and sure enough his little vampire teeth are coming in before the middle quit bugging me to read those books, i have my own vampire to fall in love with!