Sunday, March 30, 2008

i am a "blogger" (dun, dun, dun)

I have given in to the peer me.

damon tried to start up a blog for me after miles was born but just like any other thing in my life, i don't really like to pick up where someone else left in order for me to blog as so many have bugged me about, i had to make my own.

here you go melissa (yes, dillon).

the goose has died

no, i am not talking about eli's favorite cosby show episode where vanessa is learning to play the clarinet....

i am talking about the blue goose boutique. It is over, said and done. It was fun/a lot of work/tiring/cool etc. If you missed it, you should be sorry, it had a lot of fun stuff to buy and cool people involved. my personal favorite part was working on my display, this is always the funnest for me and what i miss about working in the creative fields i have been in. Here is the site so you can come next time!

i don't need no "twilight"

that is right....i have my own vampire, i don't need those darn books!

poor little miles is teething and sure enough his little vampire teeth are coming in before the middle quit bugging me to read those books, i have my own vampire to fall in love with!