Thursday, November 27, 2008

Birthdays and more birthdays

We have two birthdays in the fall a one year old and a four year old this year!

School is back in session

Both kids were in school this year, well at least one full day and one pre-school. Full day is such a beautifull thing, I love this boy with all my heart and it takes all my heart to keep up with him!!!!

twilight par-tay!

my neice hosted a twilight party....she did a fabulous job with decor, theme, quizzes etc. It was sweet and I am not a twilight fanatic but it was fun.....then we headed out of course to see the midnight showing....this is what we look like at midnight, keep this in mind.

simmer down everyone....

well, it's two o'clock AM, and as usual my mind does not want to sleep. I have been reminded (over and over) lately that it has been four months since I posted......

I really like to read people's blogs.....especially when I cannot sleep.
I apparently don't really like to blog myself.

I mean really what is a blog without some fun picture to look at? Well unless you are witty and clever at writing, not much fun at all. Which brings me to a sore camera....I don't really want to talk about my camera issues but I have them.

Sooooo what have we been doing the last four months?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is how we have been feeling since we moved in.....TIRED.

projects, boxes, weddings, life etc. This is why my blog is so out of date, not to mention that my camera broke and who wants to read a blog with no pictures!