Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is how we have been feeling since we moved in.....TIRED.

projects, boxes, weddings, life etc. This is why my blog is so out of date, not to mention that my camera broke and who wants to read a blog with no pictures!

but the best part of our new house....

charlie and lola (and friends), this is what the kids have named our pet deer that visit us and lounge around the "wilderness" of our back yard. They are very used to people and just the other day I was out doing yard work and realized they were sitting in the tall grass and I hadn't even seen them a few feet away.

we are in....finally!

yes, we did move in a little while ago, here are a few pics for those of you who live in far off lands and can't come over....if you live nearby and haven't been over then invite yourself, cause if I wait until I "feel" ready to have people over then you will see my house when I am selling it in 20 years!